November 25, 2009

Little Big Planet OST

Composed by:
Release date: 2008
Duration: 01:42:22
Quality: 192kbps
1.Volver A Comenzar
2.Cries in the Wind
3.Get it Together
4.Metropolis Interactive (CB Mix)
5.The Appliance of Science
7.Rock the Jungle
8.Dj Krush - Song 2
9.My Patch
10.Gardens Interactive (Full)
11.Wedding Interactive (CB Mix)
13.Tapha Niang
14.Canyons Interactive (Full)
15.Leaders of Men
16.Rainbow Warrior
17.Savanna Interactive (Full)
18.Saregama Sun
19.Dancing Drums
20.Islands (Full)
21.Temples Interactive (Full)
22.New Delhi Dawn
23.Wilderness Interactive (Full)
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