January 19, 2012


Well it looks like megaupload was shutdown (thats what I read). Megaupload was the file host I mostly used, and now most of the links are down. Sorry to disappoint but sadly I don't really feel like re-uploading three hundred links again so I think I am going to call it quits on this site.  I will most likely keep this site up though just in case I ever change my mind. seems like a pretty good place for video game soundtracks so give it a visit.



    It's not fully dead.

  2. There are some mediafire links that still work. Cmon dude this is a great website u got in here, don't give up games tunes. It may take some time to reupload but theres no hurry a little by little u'll get there. Good and i hope u change u mind with this great webpage

  3. Just because your archives are down doesn't mean you have to refrain from uploading new content to a different host. You can still release new stuff, right? Maybe you'll even get your links back later once megaupload is back online. Agreded, this is a great site.

  4. Free Game Cards!!