May 14, 2010

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight OST

Composed by: Various Artists
Quality: 160kbps Duration: 01:14:59
1.To Save Humanity - James Hannigan [2:29] 2.Welcome Back - Commander James Hannigan [2:15] 3.Bad To Worse - James Hannigan [1:56] 4.Transport Down - Jason Graves [3:06] 5.Entanglement - Jason Graves [4:05] 6.Insurrection - Jason Graves [4:07] 7.Paradise Fabricated - Jason Graves [2:49] 8.Whatever It Takes - Jason Graves and James Hannigan [4:03] 9.Love And Death - Jason Graves and James Hannigan [2:11] 10.Cold Hard Truth - Jason Graves [3:12] 11.The Beginning Of The End - James Hannigan and Jason Graves [3:16] 12.The Prophet's Ascension - James Hannigan [11:27] 13.Things Fall Apart - Tim Wynn [3:00] 14.The Harder They Fall - Tim Wynn [3:11] 15.We Rise - Tim Wynn [4:15] 16.The Pacific Hub - Tim Wynn [3:07] 17.False Prophet - EA Games Soundtrack [3:08] 18.Heresy's Reward - James Hannigan [3:21] 19.To The Death - Tim Wynn and James Hannigan [3:59] 20.Bleed Out - Tim Wynn [2:59] 21.The End Of All Things - James Hannigan [3:05] Download this OST @... DISCLAIMER: BY DOWNLOADING THE FOLLOWING ALBUM(S) YOU AGREE THAT YOU LEGALLY OWN THEM, AND THEREBY ACCEPT ALL LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY BY DOWNLOADING THEM. IF YOU IN FACT DO NOT OWN THEM, YOU ALSO AGREE THAT THE WEBMASTER IS NOT LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE AND YOU ARE DOWNLOADING AT YOUR OWN RISK. IF YOU DON'T OWN THIS OST, WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO BUY IT

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