May 26, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack Plus

Artist: 植松伸夫 Game origins: Final Fantasy XIII No. of Disc: 1 Total Douration: 00h50m17s Quality: 320 kbps 1 PV Final Fantasy XIII 2007 JFS 2 PV Final Fantasy XIII 2006 E3 3 M1 No.2 title αVersion 4 M3 No.4 BossA αVersion 5 M306 OPN2 Unmei he no Hanmei Paramekia Totsunyuu Version 6 Hope_PfNer3 7 M42E Sunleth Waterscape Overseas Version 8 M36A Gapra Whitewood Instrumental 9 M74_2 PRO Shukumei e no Aragai No Chorus Version 10 M64E Cocoon de Chocobo English Version 11 M33 Lightning NW Version 12 M181 Shugeki2 Prototype 13 M44B Sazh B+ Prototype 14 M106 Last Battle Prototype+ 15 M5_2 Senkou Long Version 16 M42 Sunleth Waterscape Instrumental Download this album at the following link(s): The above link(s) are for promotional purposes. If you don't own them and like the songs, we encourage you to purchase the songs/album at a reputable store such as Amazon or iTunes. Thank you :)

1 comment:

  1. thank you so much! ive been looking for the english version of the chocobo theme forevverrr!